The Australasian Wildlife Genomics Group are a large team of geneticists, evolutionary biologists, ecologists and conservationists who use the latest genome sequencing technology to generate new
biological knowledge, discover new peptides and proteins, and inform conservation management and decision-making for threatened species. Our diverse backgrounds and interests ensure we are a dynamic team bringing different expertise to better understand and protect biodiversity.

From left (back row): Daniel Kim, Vanessa Heffernan, Luke Silver, Holly Nelson, Carolyn Hogg, Kathy Belov, Elspeth McLennan, Konnie Gebauer, Patra Petrohilos, Kate Farquharson, Bethany Friend, Parice Brandies, Simon Tang. From left (front row): Jian Cui, Andrea Schraven, Yuanyuan Cheng, Emma Peel, Lauren Alexander, Kim Heasman, Adele Gonsalvez, Lucy Ockert

Academic Staff